Middleware Systems Research Group, University of Toronto, Canada

PADRES Web Start: Demo

This demo generates a PADRES overlay according to the following configuration:
Broker Name Port Neighbours
BrokerA 4000 localhost:4001
BrokerB 4001 localhost:4000, localhost:4002
BrokerC 4002 localhost:4001
Client ID Connected To
Client A Broker A
Client B Broker C
Monitor Broker A
  • Click the Start Demo Overlay link below to start the demo (Clicking the link will download a JNLP file. You have to run it using Java JRE.)
    • This should instantiate 3 brokers, 2 clients, and a monitor.
    • In the client interfaces, it should say that the connection to 4000/4002 is successful.
    • Note that this demo will download about 8MB of data from this website to your machine for the firsttime you run this demo
  • In the PADRES Monitor, use connect to federation in the menu bar, and connect to localhost, port 4000. See the displayed overlay and confirm that the overlay is created according the above configuration.
  • In one of the Client GUI interfaces, advertise. This is done by issueing the following command in the lower part of the GUI:
     a [class,eq,'temp'],[area,eq,'tor'],[value,<,100]
  • In one or both of the interfaces, subscribe. This is done by issueing command:
     s [class,eq,'temp'],[area,eq,'tor'],[value,<,0]
  • Lastly, in the interface that you advertised from, publish. This is done by issueing the command:
     p [class,'temp'],[area,'tor'],[value,-10]
    You should now see in both monitors that you have received a publication.
  • Closing a GUI should shutdown the whole demo. Please check your computer's process table just to make sure no processes (especially the brokers) are still running (if there is any remaining process, you have to manually kill it.)

Start Demo Overlay