Middleware Systems Research Group, University of Toronto, Canada

Overlay Visualization and Monitoring

The PADRES system includes a flexible and robust network visualization and monitoring tool. The tool dynamically discovers the overlay topology and graphically depicts the network. The tool also provides key functionality that simplifies network analysis and troubleshooting.

Key features:

  • View the overlay network graphically: nodes and edges depict brokers, clients, and their interconnections
  • Discov and update network dynamically in real-time: the depicted topology is always up-to-date
  • Connect/disconnect to/from federation
  • Stop/shutdown/resume individual brokers
  • Inject messages into the federation
  • Inspect broker routing tables
  • Trace messages as they traverse the federation
  • View broker properties and statistics
  • Detect failures in the network
  • Visualize the network using various layout algorithms
  • Zoom in and out to view anywhere from one broker to the entire topology in one screen


A visualization depicting an overlay network of five brokers (cyan) and seven clients (blue).

A visualization depicting a cyclic overlay network of twenty three brokers (cyan).

Error Detection: Broker E is no longer functioning as expected.

A PADRES broker network with 50 brokers, each running on a planetlab node.

A PADRES broker network with 100 brokers on a cluster. Two brokers per cluster node.