Mohammad Sadoghi

Computer Science
Associated Projects
PADRES, fpga-ToPSS, E^3-Kernel, Blue Bay, BE-Tree, ToPSS
Previous Status
Ph.D. Student(2009-01-31 — 2013-06-05)
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Mohammad Sadoghi joined IBM T.J. Watson after receiving his PhD from the Computer Science department at the University of Toronto in 2013, where he was a member of Middleware Systems Research Group (MSRG) and Database Group. He was the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2006-2007) and the NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (2007-2008, 2009-2011).

Mohammad current research focuses on high performance real-time data analytics systems (e.g., computational advertising, computational finance, and complex event processing) in the context of designing novel data structures and (parallel) algorithms and utilizing modern hardware advances, especially multi-core computing, emerging hardware (e.g., FPGA and GPU), and solid state disks(e.g., flash and phase change memory). In addition, he is interested in uncertainty and inconsistency that arise in integrating heterogeneous data sources on the web.

In 2011, Mohammad was a research Intern at IBM T.J. Watson working with Dr. Richard Hull on formalizing the semantics of distributed and de-coupled execution of IBM Business Entity with Life-cycle (BEL-GSM) through publish/subscribe primitives and on extending PADRES, an enterprise-grade event management platform (an open-source research project), to execute IBM BEL-GSM model. In 2012, Mohammad held another Research Intern position at IBM T.J. Watson working with Dr. Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee, Dr. Mustafa Canim, and Prof. Kenneth Ross focusing on enhancing database query processing engine using solid state disks.

Mohammad received his BSc (2006), MSc (2009), and PhD (2013) from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto under supervision of Prof. Renée J. Miller. Prior to his Ph.D program, he also worked as a senior developer/architect at Intact Insurance (Toronto) and was engaged in building Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM). He also worked as a software developer and was involved in various R&D projects in IBM (Toronto), Tallan (New York), and Alliance Atlantis Communications (Toronto).
First Employment At
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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