Small-Scale Peer-to-peer Publish/Subscribe

Vinod Muthusamy and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In P2P Knowledge Management Workshop at MobiQuitous, July 2005.


The scalability of publish/subscribe (pub/sub) systems and distributed hash tables (DHTs) have been extensively studied in the literature. However, less well-known are properties of the pub/sub model and DHTs that make them suitable for small networks. This paper articulates these benefits, and evaluates the performance of a DHT-based pub/sub implementation in small-scale networks. We find that a fundamental assumption of DHT-based data management applications is violated in small networks, and this makes the pub/sub implementation exhibit poor load balance under certain workloads. This work illustrates that data management applications that scale in large networks may not scale in small networks.


Tags: p2p

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