A BigBench Implementation in the Hadoop Ecosystem

Badrul Chodhury, Tilmann Rabl, Pooya Saadatpanah, Jiang Du, and Hans-Arno Jacobsen.

In Advancing Big Data Benchmarks, 2013. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


BigBench is the first proposal for an end to end big data analytics benchmark. It features a rich query set with complex, realistic queries. BigBench was developed based on the decision support benchmark TPC-DS. The first proof-of-concept implementation was built for the Teradata Aster parallel database system and the queries were formulated in the proprietary SQL-MR query language. To test other other systems, the queries have to be translated. In this paper, an alternative implementation of BigBench for the Hadoop ecosystem is presented. All 30 queries of BigBench were realized using Apache Hive, Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and NLTK. We will present the di erent design choices we took and show a proof of concept evaluation.


Tags: bigbench, hadoop, hive, big data benchmarking, nosql

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