Design Patterns for Synchronization Adapters of CORBA Objects

Hans-Arno Jacobsen and B. Kramer.

Special issue of L'OBJET Journal on Object Orientation and Formal Methods, 6(1)57-92, 2000.
Hermes Publisher.


Interface definition languages serve to specify module and interface names, as well as operation signatures. However. IDLs lack means to express aspects, such as synchronization constraints. pre- and post conditions. invariants, quality of service annotations, and real-time annotations. We discuss solutions for adding specifications of semantic aspects to component interfaces and automatically synthesizing code that instruments corresponding semantic checks. Independently from the concrete syntax and semantics of such specification elements, we present a collection of design patterns that allow the designer to seamlessly integrate the synthesized code with the code frames generated by standard IDL compilers. We study these approaches along the concrete example of extending CORBA IDL with synchronization constraints and evaluate several implementation alternatives.


Tags: idl, corba

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