Benchmarking Big Data Systems and the BigData Top100 List

Chaitanya Baru, Milind Bhandarkar, Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess, and Tilmann Rabl.

Big Data, 1(1)60-64, March 2013.


"Big data" has become a major force of innovation across enterprises of all sizes. New platforms with increasingly more features for managing big datasets are being announced almost on a weekly basis. Yet, there is currently a lack of any means of comparability among such platforms. While the performance of traditional database systems is well understood and measured by long-established institutions such as the Transaction Processing Performance Council, there is neither a clear definition of the performance of big-data systems nor a generally agreed upon metric for comparing these systems. In this article, we describe a community-based effort for defining a big-data benchmark. Indeed, over the past year, a Big-Data Benchmarking Community has become established in order to fill this void. The effort focuses on defining an end-to-end application-layer benchmark for measuring the performance of big-data applications, with the ability to easily adapt the benchmark specification to evolving challenges in the big-data space. This article describes the efforts that have been undertaken thus far toward the definition of a BigData Top100 List. While highlighting the major technical as well as organizational challenges, through this article, we also solicit community input into this process.


Tags: big data, benchmarking, bigdata top100

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